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Ronald J. Willey

Professor & Vice Chair of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering
445 Snell Engineering Center
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


Joined the Chemical Engineering Department in Fall 1983.

Prof. Willey interests centers on process safety and the integration of it into the education of chemical engineers. He is a contributor to the SACHE (Safety and Chemical Engineering Education) committee having provided over 10 teaching modules and case histories including the accident in Bhopal. He serves on a number of national committees including NFPA 45, Commonwealth Board of Registration of Engineers and Land Surveyors, and the NCEES fundamentals examination committee.


  • B.S. (Chemical Engineering) University of New Hampshire, 1974
  • Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1984

Research & Scholarship Interests

Process safety and catalysis (industrial)
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Fellow

Selected Publications

  • Willey, R. J. and Shanley, E. S., "A Dust Explosion Apparatus Suitable for Use in Lecture Demonstrations," Chemical Engineering Education, Vol. 38 (3), 2004, pp. 188.
  • West, A. S., Hendershot, D., Murphy, J. F. and Willey, R. J., "Bhopal’s Impact on the Chemical Industry," Process Safety Progress, Vol. 23 (4), 2004, pp. 229-230.
  • R. J. Willey, "Fundamentals of Chemical Transportation with Case Histories," prepared for SACHE (Safety and Chemical Engineering Education) as a product of the AIChE-CCPS. Aug 2004, ISBN 0-8169-0956-3.
  • Richter, C.; Jaye, C.; Panaitescu, E.; Fischer, D. A.; Lewis, L. H.; Willey, R. J.; Menon, L., "Effect of potassium adsorption on the photochemical properties of titania nanotube arrays,"Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol 19, 2009, pp. 2963-2967.
  • Willey, R. J.; H.S. Fogler; and M.B. Cutlip, "The Integration of Process Safety into a ChemicalReaction Engineering Course: Kinetic Modeling of the T2 Incident," Process Safety Progress, Vol 30/1, 2011, pp. 39-44.
  • Willey, R. J., "Decoding Safety Data Sheets," CEP, Vol 108/6, 2012, pp. 28-31.
  • J. Murphy, D. Hendershot, S. Berger, A.E. Summers, R.J. Willey, "Bhopal Revisited, Process Safety Progress", 33(4), 2014, 310-313 
  • R.J. Willey, "Consider the Role of Safety Layers in the Bhopal Disaster", Chemical Engineering Progress, 110(12), 2014, 22-27 
  • R. J. Willey, "Layer of Protection Analysis, Procedia Engineering, 84, 2014, 12–22 
  • R. J. Willey, "Novel ways to Present Process Safety Concepts, Process Safety Progress", 33(3), 2014, 207-207 
  • R. Willey, J. H.-C. Hsiao, R. E. Sanders, A. Kossoy, C.-M. Shu, "A Focus on Fire Fundamentals Including Emergency Response Training at the National Fire Agency in Taiwan", Process Safety Progress, 32(1), 2013, 2-7 
  • R. Willey, J. Murphy, "Process Safety Progress", American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 32(3), 2013, 229-229 
  • T.O. Spicer, R. J. Willey, D. A. Crowl, W. Smades, "The Safety and Chemical Engineering Education Committee— Broadening the Reach of Chemical Engineering Process Safety Education", Process Safety Progress, 32(2), 2013, 113-118

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