The Chemical Engineering Department is a community of scholars comprised of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, cooperative education faculty, and staff. Our community shares a commitment to promote excellence in education and research through individual and collective responsibility for maintaining the highest expectations and standards.

The community of scholars is more than a collection of individuals. Our community provides a supportive yet challenging environment that both promotes the exchange of ideas, collaboration, learning, and individual growth & development, and rewards innovative and creative behaviors. This synergistic community engages all members in the active pursuit of academic excellence.

  • Nanotechnology Research Focuses on Drug-Free Way to Prevent Viruses and Bacterial Infections

    ChE Professor & Chair Tom Webster discusses Northeastern’s nanotechnology research that could sometime in the not so distance future create nanoparticles that can infiltrate a bacteria or attach to a virus to render it useless, without vaccinations and other drugs, and without mutating strains impacting the effectiveness.

  • Upcoming Chemical Engineering Seminars

    Chemical Engineering by the Numbers

    • Published Papers in 2016: 162
    • Presentations at Conferences in 2016: 188
    • Undergraduate growth since 2012: 3x
    • % of Female Undergraduate Students in 2016: 35%
    • Graduate growth since 2012: 3x
    • Faculty growth since 2012: 2.25x
    • Increase in Visiting Scholars since 2013: 45%
    • Philanthropic growth since 2012: 1,200%
    • Research expenditures since 2012 up 50%