The Chemical Engineering Department is a community of scholars comprised of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, cooperative education faculty, and staff. Our community shares a commitment to promote excellence in education and research through individual and collective responsibility for maintaining the highest expectations and standards.

The community of scholars is more than a collection of individuals. Our community provides a supportive yet challenging environment that both promotes the exchange of ideas, collaboration, learning, and individual growth & development, and rewards innovative and creative behaviors. This synergistic community engages all members in the active pursuit of academic excellence.

  • Meeting NAE Grand Challenges

    Nanotechnology: Drug-Free Way to Prevent Viruses and Bacterial Infections

    ChE Professor & Chair Tom Webster discusses Northeastern’s nanotechnology research that could sometime in the not so distance future create nanoparticles that can infiltrate a bacteria or attach to a virus to render it useless, without vaccinations and other drugs, and without mutating strains impacting the effectiveness.

    Nanotechnology: An Innovative, Life-Saving Solution for Zika

    Zika is a growing concern with communities unable to kill all the mosquitos carrying the virus, putting people at risk. In this video, Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering Tom Webster discusses Northeastern University’s nanotechnology research, which can provide a treatment for people with Zika and other viruses in the near future without using vaccinations and other drugs. Most noteworthy, the nanotechnology does not mutate strains impacting the effectiveness.

  • Chemical Engineering by the Numbers

    • Published Papers in 2017: 144
    • Presentations at Conferences in 2017: 211
    • Undergraduate growth since 2012: 3x
    • % of Female Undergraduate Students in 2017: 37%
    • Graduate growth since 2012: 3.3x
    • Faculty growth since 2012: 2.25x
    • Increase in Visiting Scholars from AY 13 to AY 16: 250%
    • Philanthropic growth since 2012: 1,200%
    • Research expenditures since 2012 up 58%


    Technology for Immortality

    ChE Professor & Chair Tom Webster, was featured on two episodes of YEAR MILLION, a National Geographic television series on what life is going to be like for humans one million years in the future. Prof. Webster speaks about his groundbreaking nanotechnology research and how it effects aging and health.