The Chemical Engineering Department is a community of scholars comprised of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, cooperative associates and staff. Our community shares a commitment to promote excellence in education and research through individual and collective responsibility for maintaining the highest expectations and standards.

The community of scholars is more than a collection of individuals. Our community provides a supportive yet challenging environment that both promotes the exchange of ideas, collaboration, learning, and individual growth & development, and rewards innovative and creative behaviors. This synergistic community engages all members in the active pursuit of academic excellence.

  • Faculty Spotlight
    Dr. Nasim Annabi
    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Nasim Annabi joined the Department of Chemical Engineering as an Assistant Professor in January 2015. Her group aims to bring unique expertise to the department in engineering advanced biomaterials.

  • Chemical Engineering by the Numbers
    • Published Papers in 2014: 92
    • Presentations at Conferences in 2014: 189
    • Undergraduate growth since 2012: 108%
    • Graduate growth since 2012: 93%
    • Faculty growth since 2012: 85%