The Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University offers a senior level course called Process Design (CHME 4703), which is mandatory for all students before they graduate. This semester long course provides valuable experience for our undergraduate students and is one of the most challenging, exciting, and successful programs on campus. A number of alumni, faculty, industrial partners, research institutions, business schools in connection to the entrepreneurship program, as well as many other internal and external sources are involved with this course.

The main objective of this course is to provide a multidisciplinary experience, integrating knowledge from the core, intermediate, and advanced courses in chemical engineering. The capstone design course is the culmination of the entire chemical engineering curriculum. The course intends to give students experience in finding a satisfactory solution for an open-ended problem of the students choosing, which has more than one solution. The design project is carried out in engineering teams of the students' choosing. A project involving each team gives valuable experience in planning, division of work, and maintaining individual accountability within a framework of group success.

Example projects include sustainability, alternative energy, carbon-based energy, flexible electronics, nanomaterial synthesis, biomaterials, pharmaceutical development, and many many others even those which students can develop themselves. Students incorporate a manufacturing process, process controls, safety, ethics, and a business plan among many other items into their design project. Northeastern Chemical Engineering has a strong history of winning national design competitions based on the rigor of their projects. An example of some of these projects appear below.

Videos of Former Capstone Presentations


Design and Optimization of a Zinc-Bromine Flow Cell Battery for Long-Term Energy Storage on Mars

Polylactic Acid Resin from Potato Peel Waste

Design and Analysis of Drinking Water Treatment Facility with Emphasis on Microplastic Removal

Continuous Manufacturing of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Carbon Capture

Biological Analog of Polyacrylamide's Particle-Binding Effect on Soil Erosion

Helping Homebrewers Brew Good Beer

Ferrofluid for Oil Spill Cleanup

Continuous Process for Production of Bioethanol from Modified Cyanobacteria Using a Photobioreactor

Electrosensitive Hydrogel Quick Drying Paint

Large-Scale Production of Photodegradable Low-Density Polyethylene

Process Design and Development of a Thromboresistant Coating for Intravascular Medical Devices

Bioprocessing of Isobutanol-Ethanol Blends for Flex Fuels from Coffee Silverskins

Production of Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer via Post-Fermentation Processing

Targeted Magnetic Nanoparticle Delivery System

rhEPO Production via Microbial Culture Coupled with Synthetic Glycosylation

Production of Glycerol-Derived Polyhydroxyalkanoate Bioplastic via Mixed Microbial Consortia

Plantibody Therapeutics

Production of Poly(butylene Succinate) for use as a Biodegradable Alternative to Current Plastics

Carbon Capture via Calcium Looping for NGCC Power Plants

Polycarbonate Pyrolysis for Recyclable Monomer

Methanol Fuel Cell Surface Area Membrane Contact to Volumetric Fuel Flow Effect on Voltage

Increasing Methane Production at the Deer Island Treatment Facility Using Anaerobic Co-Digestion

Scale Up of Hydrogen Bromine Batteries for Energy Storage

Scaleup of AV-DRP Extraction Process for Treatment of Hemorrhagic Shock in PreHospitalization Period

Exhaust Gas Carbon Capture and Urea Conversion

Accelerated Whiskey Aging


Videos from prior years: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2014