The Department of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University offers a senior level course called Process Design (CHME 4703), which is mandatory for all students before they graduate. This semester long course provides valuable experience for our undergraduate students and is one of the most challenging, exciting, and successful programs on campus. A number of alumni, faculty, industrial partners, research institutions, business schools in connection to the entrepreneurship program, as well as many other internal and external sources are involved with this course.

The main objective of this course is to provide a multidisciplinary experience, integrating knowledge from the core, intermediate, and advanced courses in chemical engineering. The capstone design course is the culmination of the entire chemical engineering curriculum. The course intends to give students experience in finding a satisfactory solution for an open-ended problem of the students choosing, which has more than one solution. The design project is carried out in engineering teams of the students' choosing. A project involving each team gives valuable experience in planning, division of work, and maintaining individual accountability within a framework of group success.

Example projects include sustainability, alternative energy, carbon-based energy, flexible electronics, nanomaterial synthesis, biomaterials, pharmaceutical development, and many many others even those which students can develop themselves. Students incorporate a manufacturing process, process controls, safety, ethics, and a business plan among many other items into their design project. Northeastern Chemical Engineering has a strong history of winning national design competitions based on the rigor of their projects. An example of some of these projects appear below.

Videos of Former Capstone Presentations


Non-destructive method of determining if wine is spoiled due to excess oxygen

Integrated Continuous Production of Bacterial Nanocellulose with Gluconacetobater Xylinus

Anaerobic Digestion System For Use on Cruise Ships

Designing a Large Scale Continuous Fermentation Process for the Production of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Algae Based Biofuels

Hair Growth Stimulation by Insulin-like Growth Factor 1

Improved Hop Oil Extraction

A Mobile Soft-Drink Dispensing Device

ViriDiesel: Pilot-Scale Integrated Bio-Refinery to Curb Idling Emissions

Design a Gluten-free Brewery Using Green Energy Practices

Green Horizons

Hydrogen Production using biomass

An Alternative Encapsulation for Serratiopeptidase through Use of Alginate

An Automated, Continuously, Recording Sensor for Single-Use Bioreactors

Flexible Organic Photovoltaic System for Power Generation in Refugee Camps

Develop a Continuous for Growing Rice Year-round Within a Partially Self-Sustaining, Indoor Vertical Facility

Scale-Up Production of Platelet-Like-Nanoparticles for Use in Hemostatic Medicine

Drug Delivery Through the Blood Brain Barrier to Treat Alzheimers Disease

Enhanced Ethane Recovery Process from pipeline natural gas

Applying Computational Tools for Tidal Energy Applications

Development of a Novel Device for Optimized Disruption and Dispersion in Liposomal Drug Products: A Detailed Report

A Convenient, Efficient, And User-Friendly Enzymatic Conversion Of A, B Or AB Blood To Type O Blood

Acrylic Acid Plant Design

AeroClean: Disinfectant Fogger Final Report Abstract

Brew$mart Consulting

DendriNow: Automated Dendritic Cell Production

Enzymatically Converted O Type Blood

Extraction of Cannabinoids from Yeast Cell Cultures

Extraction of Resveratrol from Muscadine Grapes

GreenerGrass Under-Soil Heating

Hydrogel Scaffold for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Industrial Production of Magnetic Nanoparticles


Oranganol Inc: Production of Bioethanol from Orange Peel Waste

Polymersome Encapsulated Ceria Nanoparticle Applications

ReNuclear: Use of a Molten Salt Breeder Reactor for Nuclear Reactor Decomissioning and Spent Fuel Disposal

Scaling Up Graphene Composite


SLIPS Technologies Applied: Novel 3D Printer Nozzles

Solar Power Generation with Utility-Scale Battery Storage for Deployment in Developing Area

Sonic Diagnostics Abstract

The GOCell: Zymes Technology's Enzymatic Biofuel Cell

Wortcraft All-in-One Homebrewing System

CapSTONE: Detection of Spoiled Wine Without Opening the Bottle

Stirling Dish Technology; Potable Water and Portable Power

Liquid Metal Battery Recycling

Enzymatic Conversion to Universal Blood Type

Extraction of Resveratrol from Muscadine Grapes on an Industrial Scale

Industrial Scale Spider Silk Production

H2 Homes: At-home Hydrogen Fueling Station

Liposomal Encapsulation of Doxorubicin for the Treatment of Lung Cancer by Pulmonary Delivery

Gasification of Non - Recyclable Plastics to Usable Energy

Ultrasound Assisted Extract of Pomegranate Juice Byproducts

Production of Methane and Hydrogen from Biomass

Design of a Portable Solar Thermal Power Generator

Recycling of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Production of Trastuzumab from Tobacco Hairy Root Cultures

Pilot Plant Algae Biodiesel in Cooperation with a Preexisting Refinery

Carbon Fixation Using Microalgae Bioreactors

Liquid - Impregnated Surface Development (LISD)

Modular Solar Thermal Power Generation

Localized Natural Gas Utilization