Pik Leng Wong graduated from the Chemical Engineering BS/MS program in 2001. Pik Leng recently recounted her BS/MS experience at NU, with her Advisor Prof. Carolyn Lee-Parsons, and how it prepared her for her industrial career.

How has your Bachelor’s education at Northeastern prepared you for life after Northeastern?

 “Teamwork and outside-the-box thinking. Most of this came from my senior year, when we were in teams for the Design projects. The Malaysian schooling was very different from the U.S. way – very individualized and book-oriented. I had to learn how to work with a team (which consists of team members who work very differently) and had to think outside of a “book” to come up with solutions.”

How has your MS research prepared you for life after Northeastern?

 “During this time, I learned about patience and perseverance with the start-up of a new lab. I had to learn to take things as they come, be calm, and that everything will eventually turn out fine. Throughout my career, as I get projects/assignments that are out of my comfort zone/outside of my knowledge, my own self-experience assures myself that I’m capable to handle the project/assignment and therefore, to not be overwhelmed, take it one-step-at-a-time, and strategize. Basically, my MS research gave me the foundation of self-confidence.”

Pik Leng has been quickly promoted to Director, Global Biologics Portfolio Management Office at Sanofi. Thank you for sharing Pik Leng and congratulations on your success.