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Joined the Chemical Engineering Department in Fall 2011.

The primary focus of my research is the development of detailed microkinetic models for complex reacting systems.

Our approach is to automate the discovery of reaction pathways, and the calculation of key parameters using ab initio quantum chemistry calculations. These kinetic models will link to multi-scale models of the reactor systems so that the overall process can be understood and optimized as a whole.

This approach towards microkinetic model development will contribute to two separate areas of catalytic materials research: the understanding of flame aerosol catalyst synthesis, and the optimization and understanding of catalytic processes, leading to catalyst design and discovery.


  • B.A., M.Eng. (Chemical Engineering) University of Cambridge, 2004
  • Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) University of Cambridge, 2009
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008-2011

Research & Scholarship Interests

development of detailed microkinetic models for complex reacting systems; automating the discovery and calculation of reaction pathways; heterogeneous catalysis
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Department Research Areas

College Research Initiatives

Honors & Awards

  • American Chemical Society Doctoral New Investigator Award

Selected Publications

  • R.H. West, C.F. Goldsmith, The Impact of Roaming Radical Reactions on Combustion Properties of Transportation Fuels, Combustion and Flame, 194, 2018, 387-395
  • S.K. Sirumalla, M.A. Mayer, K.E. Niemeyer, R.H. West, Assessing Impacts of Discrepancies in Model Parameters on Autoignition Model Performance: A Case Study Using Butanol, Combustion and Flame, 190, 2018, 284-292
  • P.L. Bhoorasingh, B.L. Slakman, F. Seyedzadeh Khanshan, J. Cain, R.H. West, Automated Transition State Theory Calculations for High-Throughput Kinetics, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 121, 2017, 6896-6904
  • C.F. Goldsmith, R.H. West, Automatic Generation of Microkinetic Mechanisms for Heterogeneous Catalysis, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121(18), 2017, 9970-9981
  • K. Han, W.H. Green, R.H. West, On-the-fly Pruning for Rate-Based Reaction Mechanism Generation, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 100, 2017, 1-8
  • F. Seyedzadeh Khanshan, R.H. West, Developing Detailed Kinetic Models of Syngas Production from Bio-Oil Gasification Using Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG), Fuel, 163, 2016, 25-33
  • B.L. Slakman, H. Simka, H. Reddy, R.H. West, Extending Reaction Mechanism Generator to Silicon Hydride Chemistry, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 55(49), 2016, 12507-12515
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