The Chemical Engineering program offers students a broad education that stresses the fundamentals of science, technology, and engineering and incorporates state-of-the-art computer-aided design and management of chemical production processes.

Faculty and Staff Directory


Thomas Webster

Professor & Chair, Phone: 617.373-2989

Design, synthesis, and evaluation of nanomaterials for various medical applications, including self-assembled chemistries, nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanostructured surfaces…more»


Mansoor M. Amiji

Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Affiliated Faculty, Phone: 617.373-3137

Polymeric Biomaterials, Drug Delivery Systems, Nanomedical Technologies...more»


Anand Asthagiri

Associate Professor
Joint Appointment, Phone: 617.373-2996
Elucidates design principles for engineering living cells and tissues. These design principles provide a foundation for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine…more»


Rebecca Carrier

Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Research, Phone: 617.373-7126

Interaction between biological systems and materials, with specific applications in drug delivery and regenerative medicine...more»


Sunho Choi

Assistant Professor, Phone: 617.373-4852

Demonstrating innovative processing strategies for nanostructured materials and functional hybrids engineered for challenging applications in clean and renewable energy…more»


Heather A. Clark

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Affiliated Faculty, Phone: 617.373-3091
Optical nanosensors for biological analysis...more»

Arthur Coury

Professor, Phone: 617.373-2989

Polymeric biomaterials for medical products such as implantable electronic devices, hydrogel-based devices and drug delivery systems...more»


Paul DiMilla

Associate Academic Specialist, Phone: 617.373-3818

Facilitate educational activities between the Chemical Engineering Department and the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department…more»


Eno Ebong

Assistant Professor, Phone: 617.373-8744

Study the means by which endothelial cell mechanotransduction occurs in order to prevent or promote atherosclerosis… more»


Matthew Eckelman

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Secondary Appointment, Phone: 617.373-4256

Environmental impacts of metals production, use, emissions, and recovery. Life cycle assessment of products and services. Systems modeling of bioenergy and bio-based industrial chemicals. Material and energy use in urban environments and civil infrastructure…more»


Adam Ekenseair

Assistant Professor, Phone: 617.373-8742

Exploring the complex interplay between material composition, structural hierarchy, and biological response…more»


Hicham Fenniri

Professor & Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, Phone: 617.373-7690

Nanotechnology for biomedical applications, Nanoscale materials for drug delivery, and Cell therapeutics and regenerative medicine…more»


Edgar Goluch

Assistant Professor, Phone: 617.373-3500

Detection of biomolecules at the nanoscale, specifically inside micro and nanofluidic channels. This is applied to a broad range of scientific fields including: biophysics, micro and systems biology, ecology, environmental sensing, and analytical instrumentation.…more»


Andrew Gouldstone

Associate Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Secondary Appointment, Phone: 617.373-3699

Biomechanics, Material Science Engineering, Mechanics…more»


Vincent Harris

University Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Secondary Appointment, Phone: 617.373-7603

Design and processing of advance magnetic materials with emphasis on materials for high frequency applications;understanding the struction, processing and magnetism relationship of materials; synchrotron radiation characterization of materials with emphasis on extended x-ray absorption fine structure.…more»


Barry L. Karger

Professor & Director of Barnett Institute
Affiliated Faculty, Phone: 617.373-2867

Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalysis, Proteomics...more»


Abigail Koppes

Assistant Professor, Phone: 617.373-2989

Tissue engineering, Regenerative medicine, and Neural Engineering…more»


Lucas Landherr

Assistant Academic Specialist, Phone: 617.373-8646

Polymeric interactions with superhydrophobic surfaces…more»


Carolyn Lee-Parsons

Associate Professor, Phone: 617.373-3634

Production of valuable pharmaceutical compounds from plant cell cultures, specifically the production of important anti-cancer drug molecules from cell cultures of Catharanthus roseus…more»


Laura Lewis

Cabot Professor, Phone: 617.373-3419

Understanding magnetostructural transitions, which comprise simultaneous magnetic and structural phase changes. These transitions are attracting new attention…more»


Shashi Murthy

Associate Professor, Phone: 617.373-4017

Microfluidic isolation of stem and progenitor cells, point-of-care diagnostics, cell surface phenomena during microfluidic flow, nanoscale probes for cell stimulation, and biopassive/bioactive coatings for neurological implants.…more»


Courtney Pfluger

Assistant Academic Specialist, Phone: 617.373-8018

Gateway Faculty with a focus on chemical engineering…more»


Elizabeth Podlaha-Murphy

Professor, Phone: 617.373-3769

Understand, discover, and develop novel electrodeposited nanomaterials. Current projects include electrodeposited, multilayered nanowires and nanotubes, nanostructured metal matrix composites…more»


Amit Roy

Assistant Academic Specialist, Phone: 617.373-2059



Jeffrey Ruberti

Professor of Bioengineering
Secondary Appointment, Phone: 617.373-2740

Tissue engineering of load-bearing matrix; Bioreactor Design; Multi-scale Mechanobiochemistry, Statistical Mechanics, Energetics; Microscopy, High-resolution Imaging…more»


Barry Satvat

Associate Academic Specialist

Shiaoming Shi

Assistant Academic Specialist, Phone: 617.373-2989

Cancer detection and drug discovery technologies...more»


Srinivas Sridhar

CAS Distinquished Professor of Physics
Affiliated Faculty, Phone: 617.373-2930
Nanomedicine, nanophotonics, metamaterials, quantum chaos, superconductivity and collective excitations in materials...more»

Ming Su

Associate Professor, Phone: 617.373-6219

nanoparticles, disease detection, radiation therapy, high capacity taggants, ...more»


Richard West

Assistant Professor, Phone: 617.373-5163

Development of detailed microkinetic models for complex reacting systems. Our approach is to automate the discovery of reaction pathways, and the calculation…more»


Ron Willey

Professor, Phone: 617.373-3962

Process safety and Catalysis (Industrial)…more»


Katherine Ziemer

Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Phone: 617.373-2990

Engineering surfaces in order to integrate wide bandgap semiconductors with functional and multi-functional oxides, organic molecules, and/or biomaterials…more»