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Joshua Gallaway

DiPietro Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
455 SN
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


  • PhD, Columbia University, 2007

Research & Scholarship Interests

electrochemical engineering, batteries and energy storage, energy sustainability
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • G.G. Yadav, J.W. Gallaway, D.E. Turney, M. Nyce, J. Huang, X. Wei, S. Banerjee, Regenerable Cu-intercalated MnO2 Layered Cathode for Highly Cyclable Energy Dense Batteries, Nature Communications, 8, 2017, 14424
  • J.W. Gallaway, B.J. Hertzberg, Z. Zhong, M. Croft, D.E. Turney, G.G. Yadav, D.A. Steingart, C.K. Erdonmez, S. Banerjee, Operando Identification of the Point of [Mn2]O4 Spinel Formation During γ-MnO2 Discharge Within Batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 321, 2016, 135-142
  • J.W. Gallaway, M. Menard, B. Hertzberg, Z. Zhong, M. Croft, L.A. Sviridov, D.E. Turney, S. Banerjee, D.A. Steingart, C.K. Erdonmez, Hetaerolite Profiles in Alkaline Batteries Measured by High Energy EDXRD, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 162(1), 2015, A162-A168
  • N.D. Ingale, J.W. Gallaway, M. Nyce, A. Couzis, S. Banerjee, Rechargeability and Economic Aspects of Alkaline Zinc-Manganese Dioxide Cells for Electrical Storage and Load Leveling, Journal of Power Sources, 276, 2015, 7-18
  • J.W. Gallaway, A.M. Gaikwad, B. Hertzberg, C.K. Erdonmez, Y.K. Chen-Wiegart, L.A. Sviridov, K. Evans-Lutterodt, J. Wang, S. Banerjee, D.A. Steingart, An In Situ Synchrotron Study of Zinc Anode Planarization by a Bismuth Additive, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 161(3), 2014, A275-A284
  • D.E. Turney, M. Shmukler, K. Galloway, M. Klein, Y. Ito, T.Z. Sholklapper, J.W. Gallaway, M. Nyce, S. Banerjee, Development and Testing of an Economic Grid-Scale Flow-Assisted Zinc/Nickel-Hydroxide Alkaline Battery, Journal of Power Sources, 264, 2014, 49-58
  • J.W. Gallaway, C.K. Erdonmez, Z. Zhong, M. Croft, L.A. Sviridov, T.Z. Sholklapper, D.E. Turney, S. Banerjee, D.A. Steingart, Real-time Materials Evolution Visualized Within Intact Cycling Alkaline Batteries, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2(8), 2014, 2757-2764

Related News

July 18, 2019

MIE Assistant Professor Hongli Zhu and ChE Assistant Professor Joshua Gallaway were awarded a $480K NSF grant for "Engineering the Metal Sulfide Interface in All Solid-State Batteries through Operando Study".

November 13, 2018

AIChE-Boston recognized ChE undergraduate student Tyler McDonald, as the Outstanding Chemical Engineering Student for Northeastern University, for the 2018-2019 academic year.

July 23, 2018

ChE Assistant Professor Josh Gallaway's group received a one-year, $104k grant from the Energy Storage Systems (ESS) program at Sandia National Lab for "Understanding Phase Change Processes of Energy Storage Materials," which will support a collaboration between the Gallaway group and Dr. Timothy Lambert in the Department of Materials, Devices and Energy Technologies at Sandia.