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Sunho Choi

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
475 Snell Engineering Center
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


Joined the Chemical Engineering Department in Fall 2011.

The primary focus of our research is in demonstrating innovative processing strategies for nanostructured materials and functional hybrids engineered for challenging applications in clean and renewable energy.

Based on the comprehensive understanding of synthetic chemistry and structure-property relationship with careful characterization of nanostructures and their functionality, we study the fundamentals and application of nanostructure interfacial engineering that entails molecular design and rational synthesis of nanostructured materials and hybrids for membranes, catalysts, and adsorbents with tailored properties.

Nanostructured materials and functional hybrids developed in this research can be incorporated in engineering devices for the application of carbon capture and sequestration, chemical sensors, fuel cells, and production/purification/storage of renewable energy such as hydrogen.


  • B.S. (Materials Science and Engineering) Hanyang University, Korea, 2000
  • Ph.D. (Materials Science and Engineering) University of Minnesota, MN, 2008

Research & Scholarship Interests

Demonstrating innovative processing strategies for nanostructured materials and functional hybrids engineered for challenging applications in clean and renewable energy
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College Research Initiatives

Selected Publications

  • D. Andirova, C.F. Cogswell, Y. Lei, S. Choi, Effect of the Structural Constituents of Metal Organic Frameworks on Carbon Dioxide Capture, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 219, 2016, 276-305
  • D. Andirova, Y. Lei, X. Zhao, S. Choi, Functionalization of Metal-organic Frameworks for Enhanced Stability under Humid Carbon Dioxide Capture Conditions, ChemSusChem, 8, 2015, 3405
  • S.A. Didas, S. Choi, W. Chaikittisilp, C.W. Jones, Amine−Oxide Hybrid Materials for CO2 Capture from Ambient Air, Accounts of Chemical Research, 48, 2015, 2680-2687
  • C.F. Cogswell, H. Jiang, J. Ramberger, D. Accetta, R.J. Willey, S. Choi, Effect of Pore Structure on CO2 Adsorption Characteristics of Aminopolymer Impregnated MCM-36, Langmuir, 31, 2015, 4534-4541
  • S. Choi, T. Watanabe, T-H. Bae, D.S. Sholl, C.W. Jones, Modification of Mg/DOBDC with Amines to Enhance CO2 Adsorption from Ultradilute Gases, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 3, 2012, 1136-1141
  • S. Choi, M. L. Gray, C.W. Jones, Amine-tethered Solid Adsorbents Coupling High Adsorption Capacity and Regenerability for CO2 Capture Applications Including the Air Capture, ChemSusChem, 4(5), 2011, 628-635
  • S. Choi, J. Drese, M. Gray, R.R. Chance, P. Eisenberger, C. Jones, Application of Amine-Tethered Solid Sorbents for Direct CO2 Capture from the Ambient Air, Environmental Science and Technology, 45(6), 2011, 2420-2427
  • W. Kim, S. Choi, S. Nair, Swelling, Functionalization, and Structural Changes of the Nanoporous Layered Silicates AMH-3 and MCM-22, Langmuir, 27(12), 2011, 7892-7901

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July 31, 2017

Assistant Professor Sunho Choi to be part of multi-university collaboration with King Abdullah University for the "development of new thin film technologies for membrane applications based on 2-dimensional (2D) zeolites and 3D MOFs”.

March 10, 2016

ChE Assistant Professor Sunho Choi’s paper “Effect of the structural constituents of metal organic frameworks on carbon dioxide capture” was ranked 3rd in the category of Most Downloaded Microporous and Mesoporous Materials Articles in the past 90 days.

November 18, 2015

Written by David Urick, a second year Chemical Engineering student.