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Undergraduate Focus: Sofia Catalina

November 22, 2017

This past summer I traveled to Tarragona, Spain, with Prof. Ronald Willey and 22 other students on a Chemical Engineering dialogue to study Thermodynamics and Process Safety. Going on dialogue has been one of my favorite parts of Northeastern thus far. Dialogues enable you to learn and travel at the same time, all the while getting to live in a different culture.

During the four weeks spent living in Tarragona, we delved into the coursework with approximately five hours a day of classes at the Universitat Rovira I Virgili and chemical plant tours at nearby BASF, DOW, and Clariant locations.  We also got to know the city by walking down La Rambla, eating in outdoor cafés, learning about the local culture and history, and of course searching for the best beaches on the Costa Dorada. While this particular dialogue is not running this year, Professor Mohammad Taslim, MIE, is leading a group of students to Vietnam to study the International Applications of Fluid Mechanics, which fulfills the requirement for CHME 2310, Transport Processes 1.

My dialogue was incredibly rewarding with knowledge, experiences, connections, and friendships I would not have found otherwise. I would strongly recommend to any student to take the opportunity to go on dialogue.

Photo taken by Nicholas Jean, Second Year ChE (not in photo). Left to right: Nour Naja, Anna Foxs, Rachel Jankowski, and Sofia Catalina.