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Tess Torregrosa Receives Travel Grant for MoBI Conference in Spain

August 31, 2017

Tess Torregrosa, E’20 is co-advised by ChE Assistant Professors Ryan Koppes and Abigail Koppes. She has been awarded $2K from the National Science Foundation to travel to the Doctoral Consortium at the 2017 International Conference of Mobile Brain Body Imaging (MoBI) and the Neuroscience of Art, Innovation, and Creativity in Valencia, Spain.

“We are excited that Tess is able to travel internationally to contribute to the intersection of art and neuroscience. Building partnerships in STEAM (science technology engineering art/design and mathematics) will enable a broader dissemination of our research to the public as well as build new and innovative collaborations that cross disciplines and world views,” Prof. Abigail Koppes remarks.

Outside of the lab, Tess is involved with the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Council, volunteers with the Catalyst Collaborative@MIT through the Central Square Theater, and is a proponent of free fitness with the November Project and Uncommon Movement.