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Student Selected as Future Leader in Chemical Engineering

October 24, 2018

Fifth-year Chemical Engineering student Gabrielle Rabadam was selected for the Future Leaders in Chemical Engineering Symposium at North Carolina State University.  The symposium selects the top ~20 undergraduate researchers for a one and a half day conference and awards ceremony. Students are selected based on their academic performance, significant research contributions, and demonstrated potential for a successful research career. Her research talk was also selected by the audience of ChE faculty and graduate students as the best talk among the 20 top undergraduate researchers at the conference (Audience Choice).

Since beginning her research career in high school, Rabadam has channeled that passion into independent research on localized drug delivery devices in the Webster Nanomedicine lab. On campus, she has been actively involved in several STEM education outreach programs, including Science Club for Girls and Gique, a Boston-based STEM+Arts initiative, which has been featured on NOVA | PBS. In the past, she has completed co-ops at Ocular Therapeutix, where she worked on their hydrogel protein delivery platform for the treatment of degenerative eye diseases, and Moderna, where she contributed to the preclinical development and drug discovery of rare disease gene therapies. 

Congratulations on this well-deserved accomplishment, Gabrielle!