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Jahangirian Tops List of Most Viewed Research Article

January 3, 2018

Dr. Kamran (Hossein) Jahangirian of the Department of Chemical Engineering is recognized by the International Journal of Nanomedicine for publishing the journal's most viewed research article during the 2017 year with 5,850 views. The article, A Review of Drug Delivery Systems Based on Nanotechnology and Green Chemistry: Green Nanomedicine, was published April 12, 2017. Dr. Jahangirian is currently a member of ChE Professor Thomas Webster's Nanomedicine Lab as an exchange scientist specializing in nanocomposites. 

Dr. Jahangirian has over twenty years of experience specializing in chemical engineering research, development, and commercialization.  His research was completed in collaboration with chemical engineers from Iran, Malaysia, and Professor Webster here at Northeastern.

Abstract: This review discusses the impact of green and environmentally safe chemistry on the field of nanotechnology-driven drug delivery in a new field termed “green nanomedicine”. Studies have shown that among many examples of green nanotechnology-driven drug delivery systems, those receiving the greatest amount of attention include nanometal particles, polymers, and biological materials. Furthermore, green nanodrug delivery systems based on environmentally safe chemical reactions or using natural biomaterials (such as plant extracts and microorganisms) are now producing innovative materials revolutionizing the field. In this review, the use of green chemistry design, synthesis, and application principles and eco-friendly synthesis techniques with low side effects are discussed. The review ends with a description of key future efforts that must ensue for this field to continue to grow.