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Four Undergraduate Students Present Research at ASEE-NE Regional Conference

May 18, 2017

The ASEE-NE Regional Conference 2017 was held at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell on April 29, 2017. Conor Byrne and Vidhan Bhaiya, two incoming sophomores from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering were part of a team that presented a paper on "Harnessing Energy from Everyday Movement: A Proposition for the Expansion of Piezoelectrics". The team also included Tim Cook MIE '21 and Emily Malterre CEE '21.

The paper was written with the help of Prof. Bala Maheswaran for the Cornerstone of Engineering class. The team made a piezoelectric floor tile that creates electricity whenever someone steps on it. The goal of the paper was to see if the piezoelectric floor tiles could be placed in high-traffic locations to power its surroundings. This paper is now set to be published after being reviewed by professors and peers at various universities.

“For our team, it was the first time presenting a paper at an academic conference and it was a fantastic experience. A number of fascinating posters and papers were on display from a large number of schools across the Northeast. This was definitely an event to remember for everyone,” remarks Vidhan Bhaiya.