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ChemE Co-op at CEIA Annual Conference

March 14, 2019

Chemical Engineering Assistant Co-op Coordinator Jake Walker will be presenting at the Cooperative Education & Internship Association Annual Conference coming up.

Jake and Tina Mello, Faculty Co-op Coordinator for Biology in the College of Science, will be presenting on “Co-op Application Data and Trends: Information and Tips for Employers and Co‐op/Internship Professionals”.

They will be using historical data from their respective co-op programs to compare application trends across region, transportation, job title, wage range, and job descriptions. By using data as well as anecdotal evidence, their goal is to provide co-op employers with tangible recommendations for increasing student interest and applicant numbers for their co-op job postings in what is currently a very competitive job market.

Congratulations and best of luck, Jake and Tina!