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ChE Graduate Begins Job at CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals after Co-op

September 6, 2017

Wei Wu recently graduated with a MS in chemical engineering after working in the Ekenseair Lab. During his graduate program, Wei completed a Co-op at CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals in Woburn, MA.

While on Co-op, Wei enjoyed working as a Process Development Engineer. He helped design a heterogeneous crystallization unit and he assisted in the creation of an evaporative crystallization unit. In his new full-time job, Wei will be in Process Engineering working under a Reaction Engineering Lead. The projects assigned to him include the Clarification Bypass Unit and the Reactive Crystallization Unit Design and Optimization. These are the first few steps for the entire manufacturing process.

For Wei, the dream career would be staying in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. “Having a sense of independence in my studying and learning at Northeastern really helped me with self-motivation and problem solving as a young professional,” he remarks.

Wei credits his research experience at Northeastern for helping him find the right job after graduation. “My research at Northeastern was in biomaterials. All of the analytical methods that I learned here in the lab helped me transition to a full-time job,” he says.