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ChE Capstone 2

December 7, 2018

The Department of Chemical Engineering is extremely proud of all the Fall 2018 Capstone 2 student teams and their impressive project ideas listed below:

  • Team 1 - Purefi: Greywater Treatment SystemAhmed AlMomen, Joshua Finkelstein, Thomas Mage, and Lucas Tocher
  • Team 2 - Wormfud: Compostable Coated Paper ProjectsAdrien Deberghes, Monica Keszler, Alon Duvall, and Synjen Marrocco
  • Team 3 – UBET: Unique Breakthrough Emissions TechnologiesOwen Boyd, Alex Jimenez, Justin Mayer, and Matthew Pappacena
  • Team 4 – The Future of Fashion: Self Healing FabricsRachel Frings, Moin Khwaja, and Nicholas Mayner
  • Team 5 – Eidetic Therapeutics: Polymeric Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery SystemsRalzaly Chhoeng, Feichi Guo, Cheng Zhong, and Blane Staton

Each team put in an extensive amount of time and effort on their projects and each idea is extremely impressive and unique. We would also like to thank the mentors who worked hard throughout the semester to provide guidance to these students - Larry Seidler, Don Wood, Lauren Morton, Nicole Williams, and Paul Galasso.

Congratulations Capstone 2!