The PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program allows you to take graduate credits during your junior and senior years and apply those credits toward both your bachelor and master’s degrees.

Undergraduate students apply to the PlusOne bachelor’s/master’s program through the graduate school. Once admitted, students may count a maximum of 16 semester hours of graduate credit toward the undergraduate degree.

Visit the degree program pages for more information about the relevant BS and MS degrees.

BS/MS Program Reflection:

"The Northeastern University Chemical Engineering undergraduate curriculum offers students the flexibility to fulfill a minor, explore different subject areas within engineering, or even earn a dual degree. I met with my academic advisor during my sophomore year to review the different options available to me and it became immediately clear that the combined BS/MS Program offered exceptional value. By qualifying for the program, I had the opportunity to achieve a Master's degree in parallel with my undergraduate degree, that would otherwise take two or more years to complete on its own. The accelerated nature of this program required a tremendous amount of hard work and a full course load through senior year, but I knew before I even graduated that it was well worth the effort.

In my experience, the graduate coursework was challenging in that it required focus, commitment, and hard work (not to mention somewhat regular attendance at office hours). The classes typically reviewed and then built upon principles covered at the undergraduate level, providing greater insight and often different approaches to solving problems. Because of this, I often found that the lessons from my graduate classes helped me excel in the undergraduate classes I was taking in parallel.

The graduate coursework and combined degree have also benefitted my professional career. Even during my job search, I found that I fulfilled the qualifications for many positions that would have otherwise required 2-4 years of industry experience. With the in-depth knowledge and problem solving capabilities I gained from my coursework, combined with the experience of two full co-ops, I felt well-prepared to make a meaningful contribution in a professional setting. Having now advanced two years into my engineering career, I look back on the combined BS/MS Program as one of the best decisions I made at Northeastern."

Thanks again for the opportunity,

"One of the best choices I made while at Northeastern was deciding to be in the combined BS/MS program for Chemical Engineering. The most amazing part of the program was that I was still able to participate in co-op. I worked for 3 different companies, two for a 6-month period, one for a 4-month period, and completed an undergraduate and graduate degree in chemical engineering all in 5 years. The graduate level classwork was more challenging but all the hard work was well worth it. The students in the grad classes had more practical industrial experience but I felt like it was a level playing field because my chemical engineering class work was fresh in my mind and I was ready to learn at a more advanced level. My graduate curricula also helped me excel in undergrad classes by giving me a deeper understanding of every topic from thermodynamics to transport.  When I was searching for my first job it also helped me stand out in a field of other great applicants. It allowed me to apply for higher-level jobs and get a salary commensurate with my dual degree.  Currently I am working at W. R. Grace as a Process Engineer and feel that Northeastern prepared me well.  I’d highly recommend the program to anyone who is considering it; it was a great experience all around."

Allison Foster