One bachelor degree option within the Chemical Engineering department is chemical engineering and biochemistry. Both of these individual majors build on foundations of fundamentals in chemistry, mathematics, and physics. This combined major provides a bridge between engineering practice, the process of devising a system, component, or process to meet desired needs, and biochemistry practice, defining the chemical processes occurring in the wide variety of living systems. Students in the combined major will have the opportunity to engage in decision-making processes (often iterative), in which physical sciences, mathematics, the biochemical sciences and the engineering sciences are applied to processes for optimal conversion of resources. Some of the possible career options for graduates of the combined major are: development of new therapies and drug delivery systems; production of new medicines through cell culture systems; academic and clinical research; regulation and quality control; and, marketing or information systems. We anticipate that the combined major students will enter the job market directly and/or go on to graduate, medical, veterinary, dental, law or business school.