Faculty & Research

With a premier location in downtown Boston, the department is perfectly located to take advantage of a wealth of collaborations with other universities, as well as local hospitals, medical centers, and industry. The College of Engineering is also home to an NSF Nanomanufacturing Center, and numerous other Centers of Excellence to push the boundaries of research. 

Our faculty have trained students to become entrepreneurs, CEOs in companies, and university professors. We provide numerous supports to our students to present their ground-breaking research at national and international conferences and publish papers in the highest impact journals.

Chemical engineering has come a long way from its roots – no longer solely the domain of distillation columns, petroleum, and heat exchangers – today’s chemical engineering encompasses a broad range of cutting-edge research. The diverse education that chemical engineers receive allows them to work at the intersection of a variety of different fields, including biology, chemistry, energy, physics, materials science, and other engineering disciplines.

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