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Graduate Studies

The graduate program in chemical engineering offers students the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research that tackles pressing challenges facing our society and our planet in areas such as biomedicine, energy, security and sustainability. Meanwhile, students pursuing graduate-level coursework develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of chemical engineering and gain expertise in modern topics in the field through select elective courses. The overarching goal of this rich research and educational experience is to mentor and to equip our students to become future leaders in engineering and science, while simultaneously promoting scholarly achievement for both the faculty and students.

chamberThe Ph.D. degree is offered as a full-time program. The non-thesis M.S. degree is offered as either a full-time or part-time program to make it more accessible to students pursuing concurrent industrial careers. Students pursuing the non-thesis M.S. degree may, in exceptional cases, apply and seek admission to pursue a thesis M.S. degree following their first term of enrollment in the graduate program; if admitted, the thesis M.S. degree is offered only as a full-time program.

Both full-time Master of Science degree students and Doctoral Candidates are able to select thesis topics from a diverse range of faculty research interests, spanning two strategic research foci in Advanced Materials and Biological Engineering. With a premier location in downtown Boston, research in the department leverages the wealth of collaborations with neighboring universities, hospitals, medical centers and industry. New or prospective graduate students can learn about ongoing research topics from individual faculty members, faculty web sites and graduate student seminars. Graduate student seminars, where our students present the results of their research, are held on a regular basis and provide an interactive forum for learning and exchanging ideas.


Who to Contact?

  • Academic/coursework/degree progress questions: Richard West, Associate Chair of Graduate Studies
  • SGA/reimbursement questions: Kelly White, Business Manager
  • GSE/COE contact: Matthew Podgurski, Program Coordinator
  • Research-related questions: Rebecca Carrier, Associate Chair of Research

Graduate Application Fee Waiver

The Department of Chemical Engineering is offering graduate application fee waivers to assist students interested in applying to our graduate program. Applications are accepted on rolling basis.

Graduate Student Award Banquet Nominations

Student Submissions
  • 2017 College-Level Graduate Award for Research in Chemical Engineering
    This awardee will be selected based on student applications. As part of the application, please provide a rationale for your self-nomination. Also provide one of your first-author peer-reviewed chemical engineering research articles.
  • External Awards
    Please report the awards that you received from organizations external to chemical engineering.
  • Publication Awards
    Please report your first-authored peer-reviewed journal papers for 2016 (Jan 1, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016 acceptance dates). Students with two or more first-author publications in 2016 receive a gift from the department. Students will also be recognized for citations of the papers.
  • Completion of Master’s Degree (course only)
    Let us know if you have or expect to successfully complete the M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering by the end of April.
  • Completion of Master’s Degree with Thesis
    Let us know if you have or will successfully complete the M.S. degree and thesis requirements in Chemical Engineering by the end of April.
  • Promotion to Doctoral Candidacy
    Let us know if you have or will advance to doctoral candidacy by the end of April.
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Candidacy Proposal Award
    Students who would like to be considered for this award must ask the advisor and one other committee member to submit nomination letters. The letters must pertain to the written document composition, oral presentation, and outstanding defense of the doctoral thesis proposal in chemical engineering. The graduate committee will select the Outstanding Ph.D. Candidacy Proposal Awardee based on these nomination letters.
  • Completion of Doctoral Degree
    Let us know if you have or will successfully complete the successfully defended the doctoral thesis in Chemical Engineering by the end of April.
Faculty Submissions
  • Outstanding ChE Graduate Seminar Awardee
    The Outstanding Seminar award is given to one PhD student for best oral presentation. The top presenters were selected by reviewing the seminar evaluations that are completed by graduate students and faculty who attend seminars. Please review the list of top presenters, consider your interactions with the students, and select your top choice.
  • 2017 American Institute of Chemist (AIC) Graduate Student Awardee
    The AIC award is selected by the faculty of the department, to recognize exceptional academic excellence. Please complete the nomination form in the link. The ChE Graduate Committee will deliberate and select the awardee based on your nominations.
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Candidacy Proposal Award
    Initiated by the students above, but faculty must complete the form.

Award Opportunities

Provost Dissertation Completion Fellowships

The Graduate Dissertation Completion Fellowships provides Ph.D. candidates who are nearing completion of their dissertation the financial support to spend their final semester writing.