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Graduate Studies

The graduate program in chemical engineering offers students the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research that tackles pressing challenges facing our society and our planet in areas such as biomedicine, energy, security and sustainability. Meanwhile, students pursuing graduate-level coursework develop an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of chemical engineering and gain expertise in modern topics in the field through select elective courses. The overarching goal of this rich research and educational experience is to mentor and to equip our students to become future leaders in engineering and science, while simultaneously promoting scholarly achievement for both the faculty and students.

chamberThe Ph.D. degree is offered as a full-time program. The non-thesis M.S. degree is offered as either a full-time or part-time program to make it more accessible to students pursuing concurrent industrial careers. Students pursuing the non-thesis M.S. degree may, in exceptional cases, apply and seek admission to pursue a thesis M.S. degree following their first term of enrollment in the graduate program; if admitted, the thesis M.S. degree is offered only as a full-time program.

Both full-time Master of Science degree students and Doctoral Candidates are able to select thesis topics from a diverse range of faculty research interests, spanning two strategic research foci in Advanced Materials and Biological Engineering. With a premier location in downtown Boston, research in the department leverages the wealth of collaborations with neighboring universities, hospitals, medical centers and industry. New or prospective graduate students can learn about ongoing research topics from individual faculty members, faculty web sites and graduate student seminars. Graduate student seminars, where our students present the results of their research, are held on a regular basis and provide an interactive forum for learning and exchanging ideas.


Who to Contact?

  • Academic/coursework/degree progress questions: Ming Su, Associate Chair of Graduate Studies
  • SGA/reimbursement questions: Kelly White, Business Manager
  • GSE/COE contact: Matthew Podgurski, Program Coordinator
  • Research-related questions: Rebecca Carrier, Associate Chair of Research

Graduate Application Fee Waiver

The Department of Chemical Engineering is offering graduate application fee waivers to assist students interested in applying to our graduate program. Applications are accepted on rolling basis.

Award Opportunities

Nanomedicine Fellowships

The IGERT Nanomedicine Program Committee is pleased to announce that IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology fellowships are available immediately.

Provost Dissertation Completion Fellowships

The Graduate Dissertation Completion Fellowships provides Ph.D. candidates who are nearing completion of their dissertation the financial support to spend their final semester writing.

Outstanding Graduate Seminar Presentation Award

The Northeastern Chemical Engineering Department has a longstanding tradition of mentoring and supporting our graduate students by giving them opportunities to present in a public department-wide forum. Students and faculty have appreciated the opportunity to hear about the exciting research being conducted across the department. The department is pleased to announce that the graduate student delivering the most outstanding presentation in the chemical engineering graduate seminar series will be awarded the Outstanding Graduate Seminar Presentation Award and recognized with a $1500 travel award to cover expenses to attend and present their original thesis research at a national or international meeting. The Award is supported by two gifts to the department from Foster and Isoflux.

Outstanding Ph.D. Candidacy Proposal Award

A key step in becoming a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering is to compose, present and successfully defend a doctoral thesis proposal. In recognition of the significance of this step, the department will recognize the graduate student presenting and successfully defending the most outstanding candidacy proposal with the Outstanding Ph.D. Candidacy Proposal Award and a $1500 travel award to cover expenses to attend and present their original thesis research at a national or international meeting.