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Chemical Engineering Writing Center

The goal of the ChemE Writing Center is to provide a resource to our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to improve writing in scientific manuscripts, proposals, abstracts, and other technical documents. The CEWC consists of graduate students/postdoctoral fellows ("Writing Fellows") who receive training from and work with the Northeastern University Writing Center to tutor individuals (grad students and postdocs) in writing. The CEWC is a “satellite center” to the NU Writing Center, motivated by the recognized need for Writing Fellows familiar with technical writing common to our field for effective mentoring in writing.

Students and postdocs can setup appointments with Belinda ( or Michelle (, and, as appropriate, correspond with them by email for sending papers, abstracts, etc.

Belinda Slakman joined Northeastern in 2012 as a Ph.D. student in the Department of Chemical Engineering. She worked as a research engineer at Exelus, Inc. from 2010-2012, and received her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University in 2010. She has contributed to research grant proposals including SBIR and NSF, has experience in thesis and other manuscript preparation, and wrote articles for the 2013 Department of Chemical Engineering newsletter.

Michelle Stolzoff is a 3rd year Bioengineering PhD student, working on her thesis in the Webster Nanomedicine Laboratory. She earned her Master's in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University in 2013 in Mark Grinstaff's Biomaterials lab. She has contributed to several grant proposals, including NSFGRFP, NDSEG, R21's, SBIR and STTR's. In addition she has experience with preparing paper manuscripts, theses and conference abstracts.