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Chemical Engineering Communication Lab

A Resource for Graduate Students

The Comm Lab offers in-person, peer-to-peer coaching for graduate-level writing and communication tasks.

We bring a discipline-specific perspective to assisting you with the task at hand --whether you're working on a manuscript, poster, presentation, or other project!

ChemE Comm Lab Fellows

Tess Torregrosa is a 4th year PhD candidate. In parallel to her wet lab work, she is also very interested in scientific communication and education policy. Tess has experience with contributing to grants, journal articles, abstracts, proposals, posters, and presentations. She is also knowledgeable in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Design, and creates posts for the Graduate Student Science Policy Group.

Ian Harding is a 4th year PhD candidate working under Dr. Eno Ebong. Ian’s research focuses on understanding the role of shear stress in mediating blood vessel function in both health and disease. Ian received the American Heart Association Pre-doctoral fellowship in 2018, is an author on several peer-reviewed journal articles, and has presented both oral and poster communications at 8 scientific conferences.