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  • Professor, jointly appointed in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Chemical Engineering

    Polymeric biomaterials, drug delivery systems, nanomedical technologies
  • Bioresponsive drug delivery; cell and tissue engineering; tissue architecture; targeted therapeutics
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Polymer chemistry and characterization, new approaches to biomaterials design, injectable 3D polymer scaffolds, tissue engineering (e.g. liver, skin), controlled delivery of drugs/cells, biomaterial-based cancer immunotherapies.
  • Professor & Associate Chair of Research, Chemical Engineering
    intestinal tissue engineering, retinal regenerative medicine, oral drug delivery
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Demonstrating innovative processing strategies for nanostructured materials and functional hybrids engineered for challenging applications in clean and renewable energy
  • University Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Polymeric biomaterials for medical products such as implantable electronic devices, hydrogel-based devices and drug delivery systems
  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Study the means by which endothelial cell mechanotransduction occurs in order to prevent or promote atherosclerosis
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    synthesis and application of novel polymeric biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • nanomaterials science and engineering, supramolecular chemistry, theranostics, targeted drug delivery, sensors
  • DiPietro Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    electrochemical engineering, batteries and energy storage, energy sustainability
  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Detection of biomolecules at the nanoscale, specifically inside micro and nanofluidic channels. This is applied to a broad range of scientific fields including: biophysics, micro and systems biology, ecology, environmental sensing, and analytical instrumentation
  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Molecular modeling of interfacial and solvated systems relevant to materials, manufacturing, energy and the environment
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    bioelectric medicine, development of novel interventions and tissue engineered platforms for nerve regeneration and repair, body-on-a-chip for enteric-gut interactions
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    neural interface technology, tissue engineering, and musculoskeletal biomechanics
  • Associate Professor, jointly appointed in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry & Chemical Biology

    Production of valuable pharmaceutical compounds from plant cell cultures, specifically the production of important anti-cancer drug molecules from cell cultures of Catharanthus roseus
  • Distinguished University and Cabot Professor, jointly appointed in Chemical Engineering and Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

    Structure-property relationships in magnetofunctional materials for energy transformations including advanced permanent magnet materials and magnetocaloric materials; strategic materials for technological application
  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
    design and manipulation of molecular/materials chemistry and structure for new property discovery, new functionality and technology development by combining theoretical and experimental methods; high performance computing, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics, polymer physics, materials and biomolecular engineering
  • Microfluidic isolation of stem and progenitor cells, point-of-care diagnostics, cell surface phenomena during microfluidic flow, nanoscale probes for cell stimulation, and biopassive/bioactive coatings for neurological implants
  • Professor & Associate Chair of International Collaborations, Chemical Engineering
    phase change nanoparticles, nanomedicines, biomarker detections, nanoparticle-enhanced radiation therapy, heat transfer, covert barcodes, nano enhanced process
  • Professor and Department Chair, Chemical Engineering & Art Zafiropoulo Chair in Engineering

    design, synthesis, and evaluation of nanomaterials for various medical applications, including self-assembled chemistries, nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanostructured surfaces
  • Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, Chemical Engineering
    development of detailed microkinetic models for complex reacting systems; automating the discovery and calculation of reaction pathways; heterogeneous catalysis
  • Professor & Interim Chair, Chemical Engineering
    Process safety and catalysis (industrial)
  • Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
    Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology for sustainable biochemical production and human health.
  • University Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering
    biomaterials and medical implants for musculoskeletal systems, innovative biomaterials for regeneration medicine, tissue engineering
  • Engineering surfaces in order to integrate wide bandgap semiconductors with functional and multi-functional oxides, organic molecules, and/or biomaterials